New Century Evangelism

Thu, 08/12/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Oh, hey there G... I mean, YHWH. Yeah, I know I'm late, my car kind of broke down about halfway over and... oh, right, I guess You already know about that. Sorry. Hey uh, is there any reason why we have to keep meeting out here in this one spot way out in the boonies in the middle of January? I mean, aren't You, like, everywhere? I mean You could shine that light thing down into my living room and we could shoot the shit there and then discuss this whole destiny of the creation deal along with indoor heating and cable TV.

Right, right, mysterious ways, I know. Okay, so uhh I sent that letter you wanted off to THQ, but to be honest I really don't think they're ever going to let Volition make a Freespace 3. What? Well yeah, sure, I promised all kinds of plagues and divine wrath and stuff, but threats come pretty cheap nowadays (warnings of holy retribution are pretty common if you pay attention to the message boards and what-have-you). And to be honest I really have no idea when they're gonna do a US release of the first Digi Charat series, sorry dude... but I did preorder Dynasty Warriors 4 and pick up a copy of the first ROD DVD! And it's pretty great although I wish they'd bring Yomiko back. And hey uhh, you're gonna pay me back for these, right? I don't have any money to buy smokes now and Chuck doesn't give me a paycheck again until Tuesday.

Hey, uhh, YHWH? You uh, You know that thing this morning? When I bought that danish, but the lady at the counter pressed the wrong button and I didn't say anything and I ended up paying like fifty cents less? I uh, I'm real sorry about that.

Can I ask You something? What's that whole deal with the whole "You are perfect and therefore that's why You exist" argument or whatever? And can You actually do that thing with the rock so big even You can't lift it or like what's up with that?


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