At That Age

Tue, 08/31/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Oh my god what the FUCK am I doing here. I DO NOT GIVE TWO GODDAMN SHITS ABOUT NEWTON AND HIS THREE DUMB LAWS AND GRAVITATIONAL FORCE. More like weight equals mass times acceleration due to BORING. I do not want to learn all this crap, definitely not from some foppish refugee of the seventeenth century. I want to go home and play video games and eat pop tarts and talk to my dumb friends online about stupid shit that no one cares about and go to bed at four in the morning. And I want that prick Cube to give me TWO INCHES of breathing space so I can update my livejournal in peace.

And jesus, next week I have to WORK IN A FUCKING GRAVEYARD? Seriously dad what the hell.


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